Inari Answers a Woman’s Prayer

A woman who had been married many years and had not been blessed with a child

prayed at Inari’s shrine. At the conclusion of her supplication the stone foxes wagged

their tails, and snow began to fall. She regarded these phenomena as favorable omens.


When the woman reached her home a beggar accosted her, and begged for something to

eat. The woman good-naturedly gave this wayfarer some red bean rice, the only food she

had in the house, and presented it to him in a dish.


The next day her husband discovered this dish lying in front of the shrine where she had

prayed. The beggar was none other than Inari himself, and the woman’s generosity was

rewarded in due season by the birth of a child.


Stories to return soon…

If you remember the old, you remember all the Chinese and Japanese stories I was able to collect and post. I lost the old site when I moved to America from Japan, and have not really had the heart to dive back in since then. I still have a lot of the stories though from my translation notes, and it would not be terribly difficult to post them here in a Blog format. It’s about time I did something, at least.

I do use the domain myself for lots of other things, including my personal email. I have done this for so long that I not interested in selling. I get requests quite often, but it would take absurd amounts of money for me even to consider selling the domain. I am sorry I have looked like a squatter for years though, that’s not cool.

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